Aluminium extrusion container with heating system

Aluminium extrusion container with heating system

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Aluminium extrusion container with heating system


1.Product Descriptions & Name:
Aluminium Extrusion Container with heating system
2.Product Pictures for Aluminum Extrusion press Container with heating system:




5.Product Introductions:How to make and maintenace aluminium extrusion container and liner

The aluminium extrusion container and liner is the main part of the extrusion press. many billets work in the container and the liner during usage. The performance of container and liner rest with persistent maintenance and liner processes at correct tolerances.
life-time Factors for the liner and the container:1)Steel materials
1).Heating and cooling cycle.
2).High temperatures influence the features of steel and excessive temperatures can result in serious damages.
3).The wear of the liner during the extruding working
4)The extrusion pressure effect progresses from the liner towards the container. The liner and the container will be harmed earlier or later case of excessive pressures.


Solution for improving life time of extrusion container and liner:1).Use the quality steel.
2).Apply latest assembly strucuture for liner and container
3).Apply lastest heating system
4).Produce and install liners compliant with the highest standards.
5).Use precision and advanced heat treatment equipment


Extrusion container and liner maching processing:1).Rough turning 2).Rough boring 3).Fitter 4).heat treatment 5).Fine turning 6).Fine boring
Heat Treatment:Qualiy container and liner need quality heat treament.For liner,use oil quenching equipment for stress relieved then do tempering three times,hardness should reach HRC48-52. For out container,the quenching and tempering tempreature should be under better control,not low or excessive,otherwise steel performance will be influenced.Its hardness should reach HRC38-42
Extrusion liner changener replacement remarks:1)Use brand high quality steel for the new liner
2)Test the container against cracks and damages.
3)Measure the hardness of every area of the container.
4)Doing heat treatment
5).Remove the damaged liner and the liner holder when necessary.
6).Amend the container or liner holder surfaces as a result of the assessments.
7).Complete the production of the new liner in the determined dimensions.
8).Doing heat treatment
9).Assembly liner into container
Attensions:Temperature and press pressure should be considered in the processing.
The container status needs to be well recorded even in a trouble-free production.
When designing,status of container and its variables should be calculated well.
6.Product Specifications:
Number Item Descriptions1 Product name Aluminum Extrusion press Container with heating system
Materials H13 steel+5CrMoMn3 Way Of Heating vacuum heat treatment4 Delivery Time 20-25 working days5 Flow Manifold Computer simulation6 Application aluminum press extrusion container and extrusin liner7 Package Wooden box or carton box

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